Houston, We Have a Tunnel!

Tour Highlights

  • Discover Houston’s underground tunnel system with a local guide.
  • Explore the newest and oldest tunnel sections that are open to the public.
  • Learn about the history of Houston through its architecture and art.
  • See beautiful art deco treasures and sculptures by world-famous artists, and learn how Houston’s seven miles of pedestrian tunnels came to be.

Tunnel into the Heart of Houston

Tunnel into the heart of Houston on this adventure that takes you from the 1920s to today. Trade in Art Deco architecture for contemporary infrastructure and head underground into the city’s tunnel system to discover what lies beneath. A nifty chance to escape the Texas heat, this Houston tour surprises even the locals.

Language: English

Inclusions: Local English-speaking guide

Exclusions: Personal food, beverages, tips and gratuities for your local guide

Schedule details

  • Duration: Two hours
  • Meeting point: Café Express, 650 Main St, Houston, Texas 77002. If you need parking, we recommend parking in the lot across the street from Prohibition Supperclub, 1008 Prairie St, Houston TX.
  • Starting time: 9:30 a.m.
  • Ending point: Café Express, 650 Main St, Houston, Texas 77002
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  • We would be the first to say that walking through the streets of Houston is pretty special, but did you know that there is a whole underground system of tunnels below the city? This Houston tour takes you through the city, above and underground, until you get to know the city from every angle!

    You meet your local guide and begin your Houston tour with a walk down Main Street towards the Chase Bank Building, which features eight frescoes depicting Texas history. With your local guide to explain these pieces, you gain a greater understanding of the history of the city and state alike. From here, we enter the Downtown Houston Tunnel System and walk over to Chase Tower, the tallest building in Texas. Your guide leads you outside for a photo op in front of Joan Miro’s 1982 Personage and Birds.

    Next on this historical Houston tour, you cross the street and enter Philip Johnson’s award-winning Pennzoil Place. You ride an escalator down to the tunnel, where you get a sweet treat at a unique boutique bakery with some of the best cookies in Houston.

    Finish your Houston tour by walking through downtown’s oldest and newest tunnels, and see the only remaining portion of a 1913 hotel known as “The Cotton” before returning to Café Express with your guide.

    Notes: Chase Tower Sky Lobby is now permanently closed.

    Additional information

    Dress standard: Please wear comfortable walking shoes and clothing. While the weather outside from May to November can be hot and humid, the tunnel system is air-conditioned. While the weather from December to February can be cold, the tunnel system is heated. Please check the local weather forecast and dress appropriately in case of rain and/or high winds.

    Your trip: For your Urban Adventure, you are in a small group of a maximum of 12 people.

    Confirmation of booking: If you have your voucher, your booking is confirmed. See you at the start point! Get in touch if you have any concerns or require more information via the email address or phone number (business hours only) on your voucher.

    Downtown parking: Do not park at a parking meter for this tour. The meters are good for only two hours, and violation tickets are quite expensive. Please park at an indoor garage or on an outside lot. For more information about parking downtown, go to www.DowntownHouston.org.

    Child policy: This is a child-friendly tour. Children between the ages of 6 and 11 inclusively are permitted on this tour at the rate listed above. Please select “child” above when booking. Children under the age of 6 are permitted to join this tour free of charge. Please inform us at the time of booking if you are bringing a child under the age of 6. You can do so in the special request box on the checkout page.

    Local contact

    Office phone number: +1 (832) 992-3179
    Email address: [email protected]

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  • Mrs. PATRICIA J. from USA traveled on 29 Jun 2018:

    I immediately told everyone I know…this is a must do! Many Houstonians were not educated on the tunnel system. Our guide was awesome and knowlegeable. Answered our questions thoroughly.

    Mr. Jack C. from New Zealand traveled on 26 Jun 2017:

    Who would have thought the tunnel system was so extensive! Informative and friendly tour.

    Ms. Terry M. from USA traveled on 18 Jun 2017:

    Michael was a great guide – lots of history and he delivered it well – even about the movie shoot using the tunnel as a submarine. Would have love to spent more time in other tunnels

    Mrs. Courtney M. from USA traveled on 21 Mar 2017:

    Michael was a great tour guide! Very knowledgeable and patient with our questions!

    Mr. Jeffrey H. from USA traveled on 07 Mar 2017:

    good informative tour

    Ms. ERIN A. from USA traveled on 08 Feb 2017:

    We had a great tour guide…learned so many interesting things about downtown houston & the tunnels.

    Mr. jan d. from USA traveled on 08 Nov 2016:

    Michael was great. He knew his stuff and seemed to enjoy his job.

    Mrs. Katja S. from USA traveled on 08 Nov 2016:

    As always, Michael did a wonderful job speaking about the history of the area we toured and keeping us entertained. Make more different tours please. We’ve been on all three now.

    Mrs. lucretia m. from USA traveled on 30 Aug 2016:

    It was very nice. Courteous and knowledgeable guide

    Mrs. Patricia F. from USA traveled on 24 May 2016:

    Great trip wrote you up on trip advisor and told everyone on Katy community FB page thanks to Michael for making the trip so interesting

    Mrs. Mary S. from USA traveled on 12 Apr 2016:

    Mike was awesome

    Mrs. Laura C. from USA traveled on 02 Feb 2016:

    Three friends and I had a delightful tour along with two gals from Scotland and Sweden. Mike was a wonderful, enthusiastic guide without being overwhelming. Thoroughly enjoyed our morning.

    Mrs. Rachel A. from USA traveled on 09 Jul 2015:

    We had to cut our tour short. The offices were closed so they closed the tunnels. I enjoyed what I saw but was expecting to interact with downtown workers. Mike did very well with what he had to work with. I enjoyed his presentation and his personality.

    Ms. Lyana S. from traveled on 16 Mar 2015:

    This guide had the perfect amount of sightseeing and listening to the tour guide giving a history lesson. I had a fun time exploring my own city. Our tour guide, Mike was beyond amazing. My friend and I were 15 minutes late due to an accident on the road (we drove from Spring to Downtown Houston) and he was understanding. He also had a great sense of humor and an extensive knowledge of the city. I would definitely recommend him!

    Mr. Mike L. from USA traveled on 06 Jan 2015:

    The tour of Houston s underground was interesting. I wish the weather would have been clear to see the city from the 60th floor of the building we were in. The guide was very informative and had great stories of the history of Houston . Can’t wait to do the pub crawl.Michael is a very good guide.

    Mrs. Anne D. from USA traveled on 22 Nov 2014:

    Our tour guide, Mike, was excellent. As a visitor to Houston I learned quite a bit about the city and its history.

    Ms. Paege F. from USA traveled on 28 Oct 2014:

    I had a wonderful time! I love Mike!

    Ms. Kassandra M. from USA traveled on 25 Aug 2014:

    Mikey is awesome of course…his advanced knowledge of Houston history really developed the touring experience! We had an absolutely wonderful time!

    Mrs. Vivian A. from USA traveled on 25 Jul 2014:

    My husband is from Houston and he learned a lot from this tour!

    Ms. Carolyn F. from USA traveled on 02 Jul 2014:

    Extremely enjoyed trip … things I had never known about in Houston downtown … Mike was a great informative guide.
    This was our first Urban Adventures tour, but we look forward to others.

    Mrs. Lenda J. from USA traveled on 11 Apr 2014:

    Mike did an awesome job of explaining and sharing Houston’s culture and the tunnel experience. I enjoyed it so much that I plan on bringing my grandkids to take the tour when they visit this summer.

    Ms. Tracy P. from USA traveled on 06 Apr 2014:

    I really liked the leisurely pace which allowed us to investigate the farmer’s market while outside. I found it easy to ask any question that popped into my head and I feel comfortable exploring the tunnel system on my own now.

    Mr. Alan N. from USA traveled on 18 Mar 2014:

    Very knowledgable guide. I had heard about the tunnel system but had never been to see it. Great experience for all of us.

    Mr. Kuros S. from USA traveled on 27 Nov 2013:

    We took the Houston Tunnel Tour and liked it. Personally I loved the leisurely pace and the fact that there was no rush to get the tour done. Our tour was a little disjointed only because we actually had two tour guides who had quite different approached. Sandra was amazing and obviously LOVES leading the tours and is a natural at it. She really “makes” the tour and it would be a real pleasure to take any tour with her because she RELLY REALLY knows her stuff and relates it well. We both felt that she should consider getting a Segway so that she can continue to lead all of the tours. The other tour guide who was incredibly nice (her name escapes me at the moment) and whom we really liked was new and still has a ways to go before really being able to give a great tour. Overall we had a nice experience, enjoyed the tour, and were glad we took it.

    Ms. Nicole Z. from Germany traveled on 10 Nov 2013:

    Great tour with a knowledgeable guide. Pace was good and we learned a lot…and I am fairly well read on Houston so that’s saying something!

    Mrs. Nicole F. from traveled on 13 Sep 2013:

    I have lived in the Houston area (aka. Pearland) my entire life (over 30 yrs now) but I don’t ventured into Houston very often. My husband and I heard about the tunnels a couple of years ago and we were able to make it out this year as an anniversary thing. It was so much fun. We loved hearing about the city and seeing all the history that is all around us. It was so neat to see a whole city going on underground. Jeremy was our tour guide and he was amazing. You have to check it out!

    Ms. Jennifer S. from traveled on 03 Sep 2013:

    I really enjoyed this tour and learning about the underground tunnel system in downtown Houston.

    Ms. Susan M. from USA traveled on 23 Aug 2013:

    I think the Tunnel Tour exceeded my expectations in every way. My mom and I learned more about Houston than I could have thought imaginable, and we haven’t been able to stop talking about it with our friends and family. Can’t wait to try another tour! (Or maybe just head back down to the tunnels the next time we’re in Houston!!)

    Mr. Rudolph G. from USA traveled on 06 Aug 2013:

    We had a wonderful time. Our guide was very informative. Although we live in Houston, we felt like we were discovering the city for the first time. Thank you for a most enjoyable experience.

    Mr. Warren B. from USA traveled on 23 Jul 2013:

    This was Jeremy’s first tour. He is a keeper for sure.

    Ms. Kaura W. from USA traveled on 05 Jul 2013:

    Sandra, our tour guide was knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. I learned a lot and had an enjoyable experience.

    Ms. ana a. from Mexico traveled on 28 May 2013:

    We had a good time while doing the walk in the Tunnels in Houston Downtown, the guide tour knew a lot of history and he was sharing it with us all the time, we are glad we bought the groupon for this adventure!

    Ms. Crista C. from traveled on 30 Apr 2013:

    we loved our guide (maybe ray or roy…it was a pace that was very comfortable, we were not rushed…and what a pleasant surprise that we were all called by our first names

    Mr. Greg Q. from USA traveled on 30 Apr 2013:

    We have lived in Houston 30+ years and did not know that the tunnels existed. Sandra did an excellent job explaining the history of the downtown area as well as the development of the tunnel system. Her passion for the city is very evident and made the tour a great experience for all! Highly recommend!!!

    Mr. Lindon G. from USA traveled on 22 Apr 2013:

    Loved it! Sandra was unbelievable with all the dates & info she gave us. She was the best we could have received! Will definitely do another tour.

    Mrs. Stacy W. from USA traveled on 18 Apr 2013:

    Ron was quite knowledgeable.

    Mrs. shelley j. from USA traveled on 26 Mar 2013:

    the tunnel walk was truly an adventure. i have talked to many people, some that actually live in houston, and they didn’t even know there were tunnels under downtown. the guide was well versed on many of the buildings in the area, and their history. very enjoyable tour .

    Mrs. Rosana Sonia J. from USA traveled on 29 Jan 2013:

    Thank you Sandra Lord!!!

    Mr. Cledir L. from Brazil traveled on 29 Oct 2012:

    Ms. Sandra Lord was awesome! I really like it.

    Mr. James S. from USA traveled on 15 Aug 2012:

    I have been living in Houston for 17 yrs and never been to the tunnels. This was a good introduction and the “non-tunnel” activity was better than the focal point of the tour. Susan was an excellent guide and would consider her for future tours without hesitation.

    Mr. Eric H. from USA traveled on 12 Aug 2012:

    Great guide. She gave information about the Houston tunnels and city history that we would otherwise have missed. Good fun and enjoyed the educational experience.

    Mr. Brian Z. from USA traveled on 22 Jul 2012:

    Great tour! Sandra is an outstanding guide, extremely knowledgeable,enthusiastic,and personable. Thank you!

    Mrs. Carol B. from USA traveled on 09 Jul 2012:

    This tour was great! Our ladies’group had talked about touring the downtown tunnel for years, so we were really looking forward to this event. Sandra led the way and we gladly followed. She was a combination of Texas history & Houston information. We learned some things about Houston that we didn’t know while admiring the various buildings on the tour. Sandra was great about letting us know when pictures could be taken & even showed us how to get that “perfect shot” from the 60th floor. We do have a great group shot that one of our ladies is planning on using on her blog – watch for that! Lunch was delish, we got to shop at the Visitor’s Center and Sandra even showed us how to get to a local specialty grocery store downtown. Thanks to Sandra for making our experience such an enjoyable one.