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Downtown is the heart of Houston, Texas’s largest city. We love our seven-mile, air-conditioned Tunnel System; our Visitors Center – one of the largest in the U.S.; our Theater District, featuring all the performing arts in one walkable area; our stadiums, offering baseball, basketball, and soccer. We love green, from our free Greenlink Connector shuttle to our LEED-certified skyscrapers to our parks. And we love to eat out more than anyone in the U.S., savoring BBQ to Bombay pizza, fajitas to feta, and sushi to salads. We’d love to say “howdy” to you, so join us on an Urban Adventure and find out why Texas means Friendly.


Historic Downtown Pub Crawl tour in Houston Historic Downtown Pub Tour
from 27 reviews
From USD 30.00

Houston we have a problem: there are just too many good pubs in your city. Join this Houston tour to visit a pub with an old-school jukebox, a bar that trades as a tailor shop by day, a watering hole in an 1800's gambling parlor, and a bar that features pinball, pool and shuffle board. Fun guaranteed; hangovers optional.


Heart of the Tunnel Walk tour in Houston Heart of the Tunnel Walk
from 25 reviews
From USD 35.00

Tunnel into the heart of Houston on this adventure from  the 1920's to now. Trade in Art Deco for contemporary and head underground into the city's tunnel system to discover what lies beneath. A nifty chance to escape the Texan heat, this Houston tour even surprises locals. 


Juneteenth Celebration
Place: Discovery Green - [ 19/06/2014 ]

The Down Home Blues Kick Off Concert honoring the legendary Grady Gains and Friends

Downtown Carriage Rides
Place: Landry's Downtown Aquarium - [ 22/05/2013 - 30/06/2014 ]

A leisurely horse-drawn carriage ride from Houston's Theater District to Discovery Green and back is a perfect way to enjoy the best parts of Downtown.

Niko Niko's Sangria Saturdays
Place: Market Square Park - [ 16/04/2014 - 02/07/2014 ]

Head on over to Market Square Park at 9 a.m. on Saturdays to enjoy Niko Niko's morning Greekfest -- a delicious Greek breakfast, complete with Sangrias.

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Why is Houston the Emerald City?

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Mrs. Lenda J.
11 Apr 2014
Mike did an awesome job of explaining and sharing Houston's culture and the tunnel experience. I enjoyed it so much that I plan on bringing my grandkids to take the tour when they visit this summer.
Ms. Tracy P.
06 Apr 2014
I really liked the leisurely pace which allowed us to investigate the farmer's market while outside. I found it easy to ask any question that popped into my head and I feel comfortable exploring the tunnel system on my own now.
Mr. Justin D.
25 Mar 2014
Probably would have been better with more people (only 4 people in our party) but I know that was beyond your control.
Mr. Alan N.
18 Mar 2014
Very knowledgable guide. I had heard about the tunnel system but had never been to see it. Great experience for all of us.
Ms. Brittany J.
07 Jan 2014
Mike was an amazing guide! I learned so much from this tour that I had never known before...and I am a born and raised Houstonian! Mike was also very friendly and personable. This was my second time on the pub tour! I loved it the first time so much that I had to bring my friend with me for a second time.
Mr. Kuros S.
27 Nov 2013
We took the Houston Tunnel Tour and liked it. Personally I loved the leisurely pace and the fact that there was no rush to get the tour done. Our tour was a little disjointed only because we actually had two tour guides who had quite different approached. Sandra was amazing and obviously LOVES leading the tours and is a natural at it. She really "makes" the tour and it would be a real pleasure to take any tour with her because she RELLY REALLY knows her stuff and relates it well. We both felt that she should consider getting a Segway so that she can continue to lead all of the tours. The other tour guide who was incredibly nice (her name escapes me at the moment) and whom we really liked was new and still has a ways to go before really being able to give a great tour. Overall we had a nice experience, enjoyed the tour, and were glad we took it.
Mr. dj f.
12 Nov 2013
Me and my fiance had an exceptional time. We were amazed at the knowledge of our tour guide and the diversity in Houston. Lived in the suburbs my whole life and this was one of the most unique and enjoyable things you can do on a budget.
Ms. Nicole Z.
10 Nov 2013
Great tour with a knowledgeable guide. Pace was good and we learned a lot...and I am fairly well read on Houston so that's saying something!
Mrs. Nicole F.

13 Sep 2013
I have lived in the Houston area (aka. Pearland) my entire life (over 30 yrs now) but I don't ventured into Houston very often. My husband and I heard about the tunnels a couple of years ago and we were able to make it out this year as an anniversary thing. It was so much fun. We loved hearing about the city and seeing all the history that is all around us. It was so neat to see a whole city going on underground. Jeremy was our tour guide and he was amazing. You have to check it out!
Ms. Jennifer S.

03 Sep 2013
I really enjoyed this tour and learning about the underground tunnel system in downtown Houston.
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Houston Urban Adventures unlock the secrets of Houston and Texas.  Join us on a Heart of the Tunnel Walk or a Historic Downtown Pub Crawl to find out what makes the city tick and get acquainted with the local food, culture, and traditions.

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